AVN, proud importer of VELAMP!

AVN is now also the exclusive importer of VELAMP, the Italian manufacturer of an extensive range of lighting, from gadgets to lighting for the professional.

VELAMP was born in 1972 as an acronym of VENEGONO LAMPADE, town of the biggest production plant of former Fratelli Pagani Spa. Founded in 1906, Fratelli Pagani has accompanied the evolution of Italy throughout the century.

First battery factory in Italy, the firm started to invest and developed the first portable lamps. So started a long series of innovative products that will still use everyday: Invention of the first flashlight, Creation of the first anti black-out lamp, Invention of the first headlamp, Invention of dynamo lamp, Invention of dynamo lamp.

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Fratelli Pagani was an actor in Italian History: as a supplier of the Italian armed forces its main factory was totally destroyed by the anglo-american bombings in 1943. After WWII the Company started its business from scratch and following the  “Italian Miracle” produced portable lamps, mainly for the major actors of the market: Duracell, Rayovac, Varta, Philips….

VELAMP was created with the aim to give an Italian brand to the Company.

From this moment on VELAMP has continued to evolve and innovate, so as to give answers to the always renewed needs for portable lighting. Pioneer on its market, VELAMP has always known how to interpret the technical evolutions (development of scuba diving, invention of the LED…) to anticipate the market and offer design and innovative products.

Today, VELAMP INDUSTRIES SRL, owner of the VELAMP brand, intends to continue this story, offering portable and service lighting for 5 major applications:

-          Home lighting
-          Hobby and Work lighting
-          Outdoor lighting
-          Gift & Premium lighting
-          Batteries

The strength of its values (Solidarity, Progress, Performance) makes VELAMP a fundamental actor on this market: responsible and one step ahead. Always.

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