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AVN working with IMPA coding system

The International Marine Purchasing association (IMPA) was formed in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives who wanted to create an industry ‘voice’ to represent the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping and promote close co-operation and understanding between buyer and supplier. Over the past decades the association has grown significantly and now represents over 600 members from across the world; ship owners, operators and purchasemanagers, manufacturers and ship suppliers.


The IMPA Mission
• To promote and facilitate co-operation and understanding between purchasers and suppliers in the global maritime business;
• To create, develop and support standards within the industry in order to provide value to our members;
• To enhance and promote the art and science of marine purchasing in all applied forms in order to increase the status of the association’s members.

The IMPA Marine Stores Guide

The IMPA Marine Stores Guide provides a universal coding system to facilitate communication between ships' crew, their owner/manager offices and their marine suppliers. With over 43,000 codes, the IMPA Marine Stores Guide is the world’s leading reference guide for maritime purchasing and supply.
• First published in 1978
• More than 80,000 copies in circulation
• Six-digit code matches goods quickly.
• 25 years of consistent codes
• Multilingual

The important mission of IMPA is close co-operation and understanding between buyer and supplier. This also has always been one of the main objectives of AVN. Firstly we therefore invest in personally contact with our clients to know who and how they are. But also AVN is working with this IMPA codes as Marine electrical wholesaler for the best communication with our clients.

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