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At AVN we have all kind of flashlights on IMPA available!! In our warehouse are a wide range of flashlights from different brands on stock like Maglite, BrightStar, Peli, Ampercell and Energizer. We have flashlights, workinglights, handlamps and headlights as well for all kind of jobs and circumstances like waterproof and ATEX certified.

2000 sabreliteimagesAM 2009Ultra Plus 1+3

We are working with IMPA and ISSA.

IMPA   792202     Handlamp floating 4xR20

IMPA   792216     Flashlight safety/waterproof 2 cell 2217

IMPA   792240     Handlamp safety/waterproof type 2206

IMPA   792281     LED flashlight 2xR6 type Sprite

IMPA   792282     LED flashlight 3xR6 type Ultra Plus

IMPA   792283     LED flashlight 2xR20 type Sprite

IMPA   792284     LED Handlamp 4xR20/1x4R25 type 2009

ISSA   7345731    Super Sabrelite flashlight 3xR14 Xenon

We can deliver well known brands and products as well as specialized lamps from stock. Check following link for some more information.


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T +31 78 6428783 
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